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Success Stories

"It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Alexander Harlin LLC.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Nicole and came to know her as a truly valuable asset for her assistance with some incorrect reporting to the credit bureaus. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive communicator.

She handled all of my issues with a ease, confidence and in a short time span. Without a doubt, if you have any questions or would like to dispute any items on your credit reports; I highly suggest you give Nicole the opportunity to serve you.

Thank you, Alexander Harlin LLC. You really did make this process go seamlessly​"

jana c.jpg

Jana C.

"Went to basic training with Nikki- she reached out when I posted about needing help fixing my credit. Within 30 days, she increased my credit score 100 points. If you’re at the same point in life, reach out to her. Thanks for everything!!

nicole l..jpg

Nicole L. 

These people had amazing results

"Very helpful with increasing my credit score and helping to identify the things that were negatively affecting it. Nikki Alexander was wonderful about keeping in contact with me, especially since I am the ultimate procrastinator. She was very patient with me.​"​

julia v.jpg

Julia V.

"​"When I tell y’all she’s a blessing , I mean it ! She Literally saved my family and I . I have been through THREE!!! “Companies” and all three have just taken my money and couldn’t help me or took their sweet time, I spent lots of money and time trying to get my issues fixed .... Nicole did it in less than 30 days ....her research, her knowledge, her work ethic and drive is unmatched. Her willingness and want to help not just soldiers but anyone in need is absolutely a blessing! GOD BLESS YOU NICOLE"​​


Israel T.

"Thank you so much You were fantastic with helping us achieve our goal of home owners.​"​​

charity p.jpg

Charity P.

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